Kristofferson Nunes

by Keley Johnson

Caribbean Heritage Magazine was able to speak with Kristofferson Nunes. By 23, Kristofferson had completed his Bachelors in Economics & Statistics. While at UWI, he was a past president of the Entrepreneurship Club, and having the pleasure of being invited to the Young Leaders Initiative by Barack Obama.

Kristofferson now 25 years old is the CEO and co founder of UCA Youth Marketing. In only a year, he has become a Prime Minister Youth award Nominee, speaker and mentor and now leads a company of Youth-minded individuals who are quickly disrupting the ever – changing social sphere. UCA’s presence is now felt across the island among tertiary institution. But above all, his passion lies in engaging and inspiring the next generation.

CHM: What is your Caribbean Heritage? Where are you from?

KN: I’m from Jamaica

CHM: What do you want the world to know about Caribbean people and culture?

KN: We’re a diverse people. We enjoy local cultures and international cultures. I think there is an impression that Caribbeans are as they have been negatively portrayed. We all don’t smoke weed.

CHM: Tell us about your business. What do you do? What audience do you serve?

KN: UCA is a youth marketing agency on a mission to improve youth employment in Jamaica and across the Caribbean. UCA is working hard in Jamaica and Trinidad. Our approach is two-pronged – we create diverse opportunities for tertiary students to gain valuable work experience, and for corporate entities to connect with the youth market.

CHM: How did you get started & who are your biggest influences?

KN: :Started in my dorm room during my final year at University. My influences include Richard Branson, Romeich and Seth Godin.

CHM: What are some of your greatest achievements/accomplishments.

KN: Being a TEDx Speaker. Topic: Economics of Mentorship and being the Prime Minister Youth Award Nominee and Entrepreneurship Winner of the Local Creative Business Cup

You can find Kristofferson Nunes and UCA on Twitter at:
@PurplecowKris, @UCAJamaica and @UCATrinidad.

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