-The Magic is in the Doing-

Health, Healing & Happiness

We support your Health, Healing and Happiness through the most difficult changes in life.
Through journaling, rituals and ancient healing practices we aim to add clarity and peace to the busy and often stressful lives of women every where. Through our new blog and IGTV Channel we will bring you quick and easy tips to help you create a magickal life you love.

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Practical Magic is a small Black Woman Owned business, dedicated to the Health, Healing and Happiness of women everywhere.

Our motto is "The Magic Is In The Doing!"

Our Like Vibes is our digital magazine and community. We provide Consciously Curated Content to help people Vibrate Higher!


Practical Magick is a small business and we take great pride in providing quality spiritual aids and journals to women with a magickal customer experience. All items are hand packaged and smudged or cleansed prior to sending them to you with Love and Good Vibes! It usually takes 3-5 business days to process and pack your order and 5-7 days to receive your order after packing and shipping. Handmade or custom items may take longer. Please be patient with us, we will keep you updated frequently, send tracking information as soon as it becomes available and contact you if there are any issues and work hard to resolve them in a manner that is acceptable to you our valued customer and fellow Magician! 

Practical Magic sell blue sage and desert sage (sage grass). We made the decision to no longer carry white sage out of respect for our Native brothers and sisters who use White Sage in their spiritual practice and also to prevent the over harvesting of the plant.


I shopped Practical Magick for a gemstone set when I was going through a tough time. They arrived beautifully packaged and I feel they helped me manage my feelings during that time. They now sit on my window sill charging and as reminder of what I survived.
I have purchased some of the gemstone jewelry for myself and for gifts and always found the pieces to be simply beautiful. The Lava Stone Necklace is my favorite. I love to smell my favorite oils while I work and run errands.
J. Jones
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