10 Podcasts Hosted By Caribbean American Podcasters

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microphone 10 podcasts hosted by Caribbean American Podcasters

As podcasts become increasingly more popular, it’s become extremely easy to find those tailored to your specific tastes. With hundreds of new podcasts launching in the past 2 years, Caribbean-Americans have found themselves in the mix.

Aside from Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast, which features guests from the Caribbean Diaspora discussing topics such as career, business, culture and lifestyle; we’re glad to say there are other successful podcasts hosted by a number of Caribbean-Americans.  These podcasts focused on self-improvement and empowerment.  With that in mind, here are some top notch programs we suggest giving a listen:

American Negoiation Institue with Kwame Christian

The American Negotiation Institute – Kwame Christian (Dominican Heritage)

“The American Negotiation Institute” is essentially a collection of podcasts that teach negotiation techniques that focus on maintaining good business practices and relationships.  Using what he calls his ‘3 Step Process’ (situational analysis, strategy and practice, and guided implementation), Kwame Christian’s advice ranges from mastering the art of staying strong in your convictions, to taking control of difficult conversations, and simple conflict resolution.   With topics like ‘Effective Debating’, and “Setting boundaries”, the former business lawyer turned Negotiation and Persuasive Trainer, can help new entrepreneurs and the self-employed achieve their professional goals without negatively compromising value or self-worth.  But this is straight information here, no bells and whistles so you have to be focused and ready to pay attention. You won’t be sorry.

Caribbean Millennials Podcast

Caribbean Millennials – Ansuhka, Vernon and Adani (St. Lucian Heritage)

Caribbean Millennials is tackling the topics that matter most to their generation head on. Topics include episode 43 where the team talks about deciding whether stay (in a foreign country) or go back home. The also bravely handled the discussion around their fellow country man Botham Jean who was murdered in Texas.

Di Soca Analyst Podcast

Di Soca Analyst

Di Soca Analyst – DJ Jel (Trinidad Heritage) Richie (Haitian Heritage) & Kendrix (Guyanese Heritage)

DJ Jel, Richie and Kendrix are Soca aficionados who love their Caribbean culture and can spend hours upon hours talking about it.  Although they can analyze Soca music inside and out, don’t get it twisted, they are equally versed in Soca, Reggae, AfroBeat and the like.  They know music, like they know rum – well.  With conversations that range from Reggae history, music appropriation, even politics – and of course, taking Soca to the mainstream.  What we like about this podcast is that the conversations are organic, easy, and genuine – which is what makes it relatable. From Carnival recaps to best fetes and music – Di Soca Analysts got you covered. Check “Episode 5 – Di Days of Dancehall”, nuff said.

Dreams In Drive with Rana Campbell

Dreams In Drive

Dreams in Drive – Raina Campbell (Jamaican Heritage)

Raina Campbell’s “Dreams in Drive” feels like its constructed personally just for you, to help you achieve your life goals. Campbell’s thoughts and points are delivered clearly and concisely.  Her energy is addictive and her life lessons are applicable to all listeners regardless of age, gender, race, or nationality.  From the first episode, it is quite evident the host truly believes in her teachings and not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.  What’s also great about “Dreams in Drive” is the automated tweets, sending daily inspirational messages that encourage self-awareness without coming off as preachy.  We were hooked from the first episode!

Inclusivus Get Inpowered with Judithe Registre

The Get InPowered Podcast

Inclusivus – Judithe Registre (Haitian Heritage)

“InPowered Podcast: Fostering Community Through Shared Stories”.  With its well-rounded pool of guests, Inclusivus is the most diverse on this list in terms of race, gender, and profession – and we applaud it. From actress, educator, student activists, relationship expert, and a woman searching for a cancer cure, everyone feature is strongly committed to changing the world, and our view of it.  Check episode #37, in which Inclusivus creator Judithe Registre discusses with fellow podcaster Marianne West their efforts to build a community of podcasters committed to social change. It’s the perfect episode to understand the concept of Registre’s movement to effectively leverage podcasting against the current state of media reporting on social injustice.

Oh Hell No Podcast with K Nicole Bent

Oh Hell No – K. Nicole Bent (Jamaican Heritage)

When I asked host K. Nicole Bent why she gave her show the name “Oh Hell No” – she said “it is a reminder that we will always have Oh Hell No moments in life, but they shouldn’t stop us from getting to where we are going or where we are supposed to be.  We need to conquer these moments, learn from these moments and embrace them because it is all par for the course of life.” K. Nicole, interviews everyday people about finding their passion and purpose in life.  The most common theme in most people’s stories is when they are living in their purpose, the universe feeds their dream by helping it to grow and move forward in the most unique ways.

The Sales Evangelist Podcast with Donald Kelly

The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist  – Donald Kelly (Jamaican Heritage)

We were a little hesitant about this one, simply because ‘sales’ immediately brings to mind ‘shady used car salesman’.  So we were pleasantly surprised to discover there’s far more to this podcast than sells techniques.  Yes, sales guru Donald Kelly definitely uses his platform to share his vast knowledge and most successful methods, on ‘The Art of Selling’, but they always tend to lead back to who you are and how you perceive your circumstances.  Kelly emphasizes rethinking the way you handle challenges and adversity, and how to use it to your professional advantage.   We found the episode, “The Number One Reason Why Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail”, to be great starter episode not only for sales people, but anyone who is working towards improving self-accountability for achieving personal and professional goals.

The SideHustle Pro Podcast

Side Hustle Pro

Side Hustle Pro – Nicaila Okomie (Jamaican Heritage)

First off, the episode guest list alone gets you excited about listening to Side Hustle Pro.

It’s an amazing list of equally powerful and beautiful sistas who all have one thing in common – they believed in their dreams, pressed forward and are living the lives they envisioned.  Not only does each episode deliver essential information on improving your lot in life, but the interviews are also entertaining.  What is also appreciated is that although it’s obvious the focus is on black women, the actual content is universal and great information for all entrepreneurs or anyone looking to change their life.  Side Hustle Pro is enlightening, encouraging, and exciting. It literally inspires you to get to work NOW!  The most important episode is “Episode 63: How to Run Your Side Hustle in 1 Hour a Day.”  It could possibly may be the best entrepreneurial advice found online today.

Style and Vibes Podcast with Mikelah Rose

The Style & Vibes Podcast – Mikelah Rose (Jamaican Heritage)

The Style & Vibes Podcast brings…you guessed it Vibes and Style. Mikelah brings high energy and engaging conversations around Caribbean Style, music and culture. The show features entertainers, tastemakers and influencers. Mikelah through Style & Vibes is bridging cultural borders by telling stories of the Caribbean region and its globally diverse diaspora.

The TrailBlazer Podcast with Stephen Hart

The Trailblazers Podcast

TrailblazersFM – Stephen Hart (Jamaican Heritage)

With a mission statement that includes “…to highlight the wisdom, resources, and tools of today’s most accomplished everyday trailblazers…” – what else can say it better?  Stephen Hart‘s focus is clear; bringing to light the unconventional paths taken by successful people of color – especially men, to help improve the image of the black man in today’s society.  The episode titles can be slightly misleading, in terms of ‘learn how to’’ because the actual content contains very little direction.  The meat is in the lessons learned by the guests as they tell their stories – which are extremely motivating and even hopeful, as they are all evidence of 2 things: There is no straight path to happiness, but every path is paved with a commitment to giving back to the community.

And of course don’t forget to check out

Kerry Ann Reid Brown Carry On Friends Podcast

Carry On Friends is where the unique reality of being a Caribbean American is explored and celebrated.  The show is known to have thoughtful dialogue around culture, heritage, career, entrepreneurship and everyday life that make up the Caribbean American experience.

Your Turn

As podcasts continued to grow as a profitable industry, media source, and form of art; they are also becoming more accessible, better produced, funnier, edgier, and more essential.  There is literally something for everyone – especially those looking to break boundaries.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know if there are other shows hosted by Caribbean Americans that didn’t make the list.

On the fence about starting a podcast? Not sure if you want to start one? Check out “So you think you wanna podcast?”.

Updated: Original post as been updated on 6/15/2019 by editor Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown.

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